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We are at the western border between Veneto and Friuli VG, in a territory from time immemorial has been the subject of invasions and conquests by foreign armies but the fair and strong will of the people who lived there has always fought and won. And still the pride that you can find in the spirit of Saronesi, in their freedom of thought and word, in their natural generosity. And this territory both given and continues to give with its natural treasures of which is richly endowed: the calcium carbonate and the spring water of the River Livenza. From the bowels and rugged slopes of carbonate rock and the hard work of men strong and brave and can till today has been able to extract the precious ore that is exported around the world: precious because so pure calcium carbonate is used in medicine and even in food.


And from the very depths of the mountains that overlook the Pedemonte, flows at three points the mysterious spring water that feeds the River Livenza: mystery because the territory is karst with gorges and underground passages still largely to be discovered, where the water in mountain areas the Forest and neighboring Cansiglio insinuates, is enriched with mineral salts, strain between the layers of gravel and finally buried at the foot of the mountain itself with a clarity that only comes out at a constant temperature of 10 ° C.


The three sources are specified: Gorgazzo site in the town of Polcenigo, known to divers for the passage widespread and profound, Holy, spectacular circular source close to the church of the Holy Trinity of the eleventh century, and finally escaping to the source Molinetto Sarone.


And this is the water we use for our beer. This water is very particular with a content of calcium carbonate is not large, but with a purity and quality organolettriche worthy of a natural mineral water: and it is this water that feeds the microbrewery Valscura where, mixed with the best barley malt and wheat, hops flower, it becomes selected yeast strains Beer, BEER Valscura.




Sarone di Caneva (PN) - Via Santissima,5
Tel./Fax 0434 77045 E-mail
Tutti i gionri tranne il Giovedì
dalle 15:30 alle 19:30
Valscura di Danieli Renata, via Montagna n 69 (sede legale), Via Santissima 5 (sede operativa), 33070 Sarone di Caneva PN
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